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Already up and running with your own existing broking business ?

Are ready to go to that next level?

Why not join us?

So you can grow faster, without all the hassles and constraints of

running your own office.

We can offer you


High competitive

commission model 

Like people , businesses are

all different. Depending on your particular requirements, we will design with you a package that will suit your business needs & budget.


Large Range of

non-panel funders 

Don’t be restricted by the funders/lenders on offer by the Aggregator. Under our Australian Credit Licence (ACL) you will have access to a wider range of specialised funders than the average broker.


Loan Process services

Our loan processing services, enables you to get on with sourcing and writing loans for your broking business. So you focus on the business development/value adding to your business &

not be stuck with the often bureaucratic procedure of lodging/processing your loans.

Compliance and PI

INsurance coverage

As part of your package with us, you will be covered in these two vital areas, relieving you the stress/worry of meeting your professional and indemnity obligations.


hot desk available 

Enjoy the work atmosphere of our professionally equipped business offices in Camberwell. You can arrange to meet clients and conduct business meetings.


Tomato Mortgages now run their own two year mentoring Program under the mentorship/guidance of the Co-Director of Tomato Mortgages Norman Wong.  


Norman has over 20 years Finance/Mortgages industry experience , mentorees will find his knowledge and networks invaluable in setting up their own mortgage business.

Contact Me

Norman Wong  |  Tel: 0408 088 680

1 Belgrave Street, Hawthorn, VIC Australia 3122

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