The higher they are, the bigger their fall! The farer away they are, doesn’t lessen your potential.

  • Be aware of people trying to sell you dream new apartments/flats or dream investment properties interstate-particularly in Queensland.

  • It's very likely that these type of properties are loaded with hefty commissions which are paid to the person that sold you the property.

  • Don’t ever forget some property basics if you want your investment to increase in value: Location, population growth, amenity and land component.

  • The lack of a land component & rarity with an Apartments twenty stories up in the air in the CBD Melbourne for e.g.-makes for a poor investment -if you are looking for capital growth.

  • That is why banks are very careful in their lending for this type of property. Different story if you have bucket loads of money and are only wanting a return on your investment through a rental return.

  • Similar story, if you are sold an Investment house in Queensland. The fact is that Melbourne & Sydney are still the major drivers of the Australian Housing market-making up nearly 60% of where new migrants settle.

  • Don’t be fooled by the glamour and glitz of the selling Agents presentation, in trying to sell you that new high raised Apartment or Interstate property.

  • Keep in mind, that land in a sought after area appreciates and that buildings always depreciate-that is why with rare exception- inner City Apartments hardly ever appreciate in price.

  • Ensure you do your research, ask a lot of questions and buy the highest land component you can afford and make sure it’s also balanced off with the other features I mentioned earlier.

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